Kitchens tend to respond to changing tastes, trends and technology faster than any other room in our homes. Depending upon the age, kitchens may have quirks and inconveniences that impede your enjoyment of what is often the hub of your home.

New countertops and backsplashes can add wow factor and transform older kitchens. Additional lighting can make a kitchen feel bright, airy and like a place you want to be. Re-configuring cabinet interiors can create a more organized and peaceful kitchen.

Small details like the addition of crown molding or baseboards can make a big difference in the value perception of your kitchen. Crown molding can be added to finish off cabinets so they meet the ceiling. Adding baseboards where the bottom cabinets meet the floor will complete the polished, finished feel.

The picture above features a small kitchen made more functional by removing lower drawers to make room for a dishwasher and re-configuring the cabinets. The drawers were re-purposed to be part of a more functional pantry. A tall pull-out shelf increased the available space, making it much easier to locate pantry items.

The picture below shows the updated pantry storage.

Kitchen Remodel Pantry.jpg
Kitchen Remodel Pantry Pullout.jpg

Adding a kitchenette to guest areas can provide a convenient means to prepare simple meals. The picture below shows a closet converted to a kitchenette in a guest suite over a garage. 

Guest Suite Remodel Kitchen.jpg