We feel sharing our pricing saves time and allows us to begin building relationships with potential customers who are interested in our quality service offering. 

Cheap Rates - the Reality

The rates of many honest, well intentioned contractors don't cover the costs of conducting business or staying in business over the long run. More importantly, we are not competing in price with those who are just passing through town in busy season, or are not running a legal business entity or are not looking to be around if your service call requires a follow up.


Average Remodeling Costs

Curious about the average costs of remodeling projects in our area?  Click Cost vs Value 2018 to access Remodeling magazine’s review of 21 popular remodeling projects in markets in the South Atlantic including Fayetteville, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC.


Impact to the Customer

When rates are too low, service levels decline. Calls go unanswered. Unreliable, unprofessional people work in your home. Corners get cut. Low-cost materials are used. Projects linger on too long or are never completed. If an accident occurs in a residence involving uninsured crew, the owner of the residence could be liable.

Best Overall Value

Ozworx is committed to serving our customers with professionalism and integrity. We are not striving to be the low cost leader but rather to provide our customers with the best overall value. Ozworx maintains Workers’ Compensation, Commercial General Liability and Automobile insurance policies that meet or exceed minimum requirements in the state of North Carolina. We also classify workers appropriately and pay Social Security, Medicare and unemployment taxes on behalf of our employees.


In general, our current labor rate is $61 per hour for each experienced, skilled tradesman with a two hour minimum. Materials and other expenses are generally cost plus 30% for our labor and expenses related to procurement and delivery, with some exceptions. Exceptions include items like doors or windows exceeding $250 each, where we charge based on the labor involved. See below for further details including estimates.


We offer a 1 year guarantee on labor and materials purchased by Ozworx when subject to normal use and care and provided the Owner has complied in full with terms and payments of our contract.

+Small Projects and Punch Lists - Typically Less than a Day

Smaller projects are usually handled on a time and materials basis with a minimum of 2 labor hours plus sales tax. If we feel we can estimate your smaller projects or punch lists based on your description and photos without a site visit, we’ll provide you with an estimate range at no cost to you.

Our customers often compile their "to do" lists before scheduling us and sometimes add a task or two once we are on site, which works out great for everyone.

+Repair, Installation or Improvement Projects

Repair, installation or improvement projects typically involve individual features of your home like windows, doors, walls or decks.

  • Ozworx usually requires a site visit to estimate repair or improvement projects expected to exceed $500.
  • Based on our initial conversation, we’ll determine if your project is in our scope and make you aware of our availability and pricing.
  • If you’d like to proceed, the Estimate Fee for Ozworx to visit your property for up to an hour, review your job and submit a proposal to complete the project is $75, due and payable at the time of the visit.
  • We’ll share a description of your project with a "not to exceed" estimate via email or over the phone, typically within 3 - 6 business days of our visit.
  • If you would like to proceed, we’ll send you a written proposal with information like payment terms, timing and our one year warranty on labor and materials purchased by Ozworx. If you are comfortable providing us with an email address, you’ll have the option signing the proposal electronically.
  • If we both decide to move forward with the project and your invoice reflects $500 or more that includes at least 8 hours of labor, we will credit the Estimate Fee on your final invoice.
  • If you would like to move forward and we choose not to pursue your project or are unable to work you into our schedule within the timeframe originally discussed, we’ll refund your Estimate Fee.
  • Some projects will require more than 1 labor hour to investigate such as those projects involving dry rot in multiple locations of your home or other significant damage. If we will require more than an hour to investigate your project, we may offer you the option of a Discovery Agreement that reflects the labor and materials involved to provide you with a report of the issues and a project proposal to address those issues. If you choose to pursue 75% (by dollar volume) or more of the proposed work in the Discovery Agreement, we will credit half the Discovery Agreement Fee on the final invoice for your project.

+Remodeling Projects

Remodeling projects usually involve multiple components and changes to the interior or exterior of your home that take more than 1 day to complete. Examples include bathrooms, kitchens or those with more than 3 material selections.

Remodeling projects are usually handled with a fixed price contract that reflects your specific selections. As your remodeling contractor, our objective is to build the project exactly like you want it, when you want it and for a fair price.

Good Estimates Require Good Plans
Good estimating for remodeling projects like bathrooms, kitchens or those with more than 3 material selections starts with good plans. Unless an estimator has the exact specifications for your project, the estimate is at best an educated guess. The estimator is making assumptions about what you will choose as the project unfolds and the differences between estimates often boil down to differences in assumptions. Without good plans, the costs are likely to escalate as a project proceeds when any product or option you select is more expensive than reflected in the original estimate.

It is important to have a budget in mind when it comes to your remodeling project. We are not asking what you think your project will cost as we know that you don’t know that. What we’re asking is what the dollar amount you are expecting to invest in your project. Ultimately, the cost of the project is dependent upon the design and your selections. Knowing your expected investment allows us to partner with you to design a project that fits within your budget and ensure the finished product is what you want.

Remodeling projects with Ozworx involve the following steps:

  1. We will have an initial conversation with you over the phone about your remodeling project. If we both conclude that we’re a good fit to work together, we will schedule a time to visit your home to review the specifics of your proposed remodeling project.

  2. During our visit, we’ll seek to understand what you wish to do, when you wish to do it and what you are looking to invest in the project. During our conversation or shortly after our visit, we’ll follow up to provide a ballpark estimate of what we believe your project will cost based on the information we have available and whether or not we think it will fit within your budget.

  3. Once we have reached agreement on the scope of the project and budget, we will submit a Design Agreement to you which covers the work necessary to get your project in motion. This work includes documenting the details of your project so it gets built just the way you want it. This documentation may include conceptual or technical plans, specifications and selections or allowances that allow Ozworx to assemble a firm price quotation for your project.

  4. Once the Design Agreement is signed, Ozworx will work with you to create the necessary documents to provide you with a solid scope of work, details of how we plan to complete that work and when and a firm price quotation. This information will be provided to you in a written Proposal.

  5. Once the Proposal is signed, we’ll review the process and keep you informed as the project unfolds.

  6. When the project including the punch list is complete, we will then ask you to kindly provide a Customer Review to share with potential customers.